A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac


July 14, 2007
Emilie Phillips

I bought a new car a while back and so we had been debating whose old falling apart car to get rid of. We ended up leaning towards getting rid of Tyson’s car because it probably wasn’t going to pass inspection in a month. This morning we decided to try posting it on craigs list with a little bit high price just to see if anybody would bite. They did! So fast and furiously even that it was sold and gone by this evening. The funny thing is my landlord has been trying to sell his old car, which is in about the same shape as Tyson’s, for the past few weeks, and it got bought and driven off today also.


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Comments (4)

  • Cars

    I’m surprised, what are you going to do with the red SAAB. I thought that it was given up for dead?


    • Re: Cars

      We poked it with a stick and it turned out it wasn’t dead. It doesn’t stay in 2nd gear. And the synchros on 4th don’t work so well. But it caries trash to the dump ok. Both of us were thinking that the civic would sell for some money, whereas with the Saab needing a new transmission, we figure we might as well keep driving it until it absolutely quits.

    • Yup. I got the Fit. I had actually ordered it back in April (I think) and it arrived mid June. So far I am happy with it. It is getting 40mpg. And it does have a reasonable amount of get up and go. The steering is maybe a little more sensitive than I would like.