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August 14, 2007
Emilie Phillips

We haven’t completed the full write up yet, but here is a sneak preview of where I went paddling for my vacation last week.

Also, what with the hectic schedule of packing before vacation, I didn’t manage to post about how July 26-27 Tyson and I took a white water kayaking class at Zoar Outdoor on the Deerefield in western Massachusetts. The class was quite fun. I learned a bunch of new strokes that probably don’t apply to sea kayaking, but that allowed me to massively improve my ability to get into eddies over what it used to be with the outing club. The only downside to the class was that I took a swim — it was only class 2 water, sheesh — which resulted in a nice bruise on my butt and the (rental) paddle snapped in two.


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Comments (2)

    • You would think so, especially a carbon fiber paddle.

      We never saw the other end of it, so all we can figure is it got wedged between some rocks, and then the force of me plus the boat pushing on it snapped it.