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Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

I got my new motorcycle today

October 15, 2007
Emilie Phillips

Here’s a picture of me ready to drive it out of the parking lot. So far I like the riding style. It is definitely easier to control than Tyson’s motorcycle. And it definitely accelerates well. It really doesn’t have much windshield, I have to lean way down to get behind it. The motorcycle does seem to have an issue with an inconsistent idle such that it stalled on me once. There is some possibility this might be related to it being cold out and not letting it warm up enough..


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Comments (3)

  • My first bike was an EX500 and I hated the carbs on those bikes. If it keeps being hard to start then you might want to play with the idle. They’re great bikes.

  • Garage

    Let’s see, two kayaks, two motorcycles; parking must be interesting. Have the kayaks move into the basement for the winter?


    • Re: Garage

      Three kayaks one of which is so long it does fit into the garage and so is sticking partway into the basement, two motorcycles, and a work bench that Tyson needs to disasemble to get through the door into the basement proper. Yeah, there isn’t much space.

      We haven’t figured out what to do for the winter yet. The biggest problem is the tandem kayak which is requiring the basement door to be open. That will probably end up stored over at his parents place.