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November 15, 2007
Emilie Phillips

Apparently going to the rock gym once a week with coworkers is actually having an effect.

There are two gyms around here, Metro Rock and Boston Rock. Metro Rock is where I had been climbing, and I generally like it better, but Boston Rock is a lot closer to work, and so that is where the work group has been going. However, Tyson and I were both thinking that the routes at Boston Rock seemed easier for the same grade than Metro Rock’s routes. Heck, I even made it a good way up a couple of 5.10b’s at Boston Rock. Then this week, Metro Rock was holding a shoe demo that Tyson wanted to go to. So we went there instead, and what do you know, but I up and climbed (one clean) three routes that were labeled as 5.10c. So… maybe the two gyms aren’t so different after all, rather I am just getting better.


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