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motorcycle update

November 15, 2007
Emilie Phillips

The small bodies of water around here are starting to get a thin sheet of ice on them, so motorcycling is becoming more the exception than the norm despite what I wish I could do. We did get ourselves some warm snowmobiling gloves which have helped. Another guy at work has some “Hippo Hands” which look like poggies for motorcycles, so we are getting some of those too. I got my new saddle bags in yesterday. They are a little bit large for the motorcycle, but it was so nice to be able to stop for milk and juice on the way home rather than needing to drive out again on a separate trip with the car.

I keep thinking it would be really fun to do a weekend trip up to the Whites, except then I notice that its really cold and snowing up there.


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  • Upgrades and mass

    Watch the amount of mass that you add to the motorcycle. The manufacturer usually gives very conservative limits on added mass(weight), but it is really possible to add enough that you reach structural resonances at high speed.

    anonymous dad.