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November 7, 2007
Emilie Phillips

I’ve been rather busy this month, so I haven’t been able to keep you updated on the riveting details of my life. The short summary would be:

Since buying the motorcycle a bit less than a month ago, I have put 800 miles on it 🙂 I keep trying to fit more riding in before the cold weather really clamps down. I’m thinking I want a bigger windshield, and some luggage, and … , eventually I’ll just have a mini sport touring motorcycle.

A group from work has been consistently getting together on tuesday to go climbing at the local gymn. So I feel like I am actually getting some exercise, and I am getting better.

Work got kind of hectic for a while there because we were supposed to release a bunch of new features in our software for internal developers, and we kind of didn’t make it in time.

One of Tyson’s old friends from auto cross convinced him to spend a saturday helping teach people how to drive their cars fast. I ended up coming along and attempted to drive my car (which was called an SUV by one of the guys in a sportier car there) fast in the rain. The fast went ok. The not spending all my time sliding sideways didn’t go so ok.

We took the fancy tandem kayak out for an afternoon paddle in a local river and covered as much distance as we normally do in a whole day in the singles. And then we put it away for winter storage so it wouldn’t be holding our garage door open.

We hiked up to North Pack for rock climbing again. We decided to try a different trail up that we had a vague clue where it started. It turned out to be no where near where the map said it was, but some local guy logging with a team of horses was nice enough to point us in the right direction. The trail was very pretty, and a lot longer than the normal route. The climbing wasn’t so pretty. The spots we had thought were doable overhangs with lots of ledges below them turned out to be horrible off-width, off-balance things that I only made it up one route and Tyson none.


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