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winter is almost here

December 2, 2007
Emilie Phillips

It got cold all the sudden (12F low last night)

Since it is December, we went out and got ourselves a christmas tree. And Tyson did what he apparently usually does, which is get a tree for the rest of his immediate family.

At the family Thanksgiving potluck the previous week, I had met one of Tyson’s cousin’s who goes contra dancing and she suggested trying out the once a month dance over in Peterborough that happened to be yesterday. So yesterday evening I dragged Tyson over there. It might be good enough to go once a month when it happens, but it is a 45 minute drive each way.

In other news one of the rss feeds I watch sent me this article on some of the hidden costs of clothing production. It really makes it sound like the american clothes shopping habit is quite bad for the planet.
Overall I have been reading and hearing a number of pieces recently that suggest that our consumerism really isn’t good for the planet.

That article also makes me think about the whole global warming debate where we all are quite convinced that that other guy should stop driving his SUV, and electric companies shouldn’t be using coal to produce power, but it seems to me that you don’t see many people changing their own lifestyles to avoid whatever ills global warming mights cause.


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Comments (7)

  • Consumption is bad. I’m trying to shift to fewer, more durable things, except for the shiney new Mac every year.

    90+% of coal used in the US goes to electric generation. we just need about 300 gigawatts of alternate generation capacity to replace it.

  • Overall I have been reading and hearing a number of pieces recently that suggest that our consumerism really isn’t good for the planet.

    By which you mean you’re happy that the rest of America is maybe starting to figure this out? Because you’ve been an anti-consumerist for quite a while.

  • Speak for yourself. I live a 30 minute walk from work or a 10 minute bike ride or when the weather really sucks, a 5 minute car ride. Still better than a 30 minute car (or, ::cough:: motorcycle) ride. I also live with seven other people, which drastically reduces the amount of “Stuff” each of us needs, including housing which is a huge resource drain. Most of my clothes are second hand although I am in need of a new pair of jeans again.

    The more we say it, the more we change the culture for such measures to be socially acceptable, the more we remind friends and coworkers about the options they should be thinking of, the better. Society only changes through peer pressure. Instead of saying “hmm… don’t see many people doing it” we should instead be saying “look at all the people doing it!” – and while it may be a drop in the bucket of our population, we’ve got to make it the cool thing to do!

    • My point was that people don’t seem to be changing their habits because of global warming. You were already very respectful of mother earth and so would have been living a low consumption life. People seem to have a comfort level, and they rationalize how that level isn’t so bad. But from everything I hear, to actually evade global warming, everyone is going to have to drastically change their habits, and really soon. And I just don’t see it happening which makes me a little worried.

      • Perhaps. But reducing my carbon footprint is actually a ongoing part of my decision making, on everyday issues. Should I be lazy and drive to work today? Should I buy the kiwifruit from NZ? Can I find a fruit that’s local? I don’t always make the best decisions – occasionally I will splurge on a kiwifruit or two – but it’s part of the decision making process.

        You’re right though, a lot of folks aren’t paying attention, or don’t even know how to begin changing. That’s why we have to show them.