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dead moose and busted car bumper

February 20, 2008
Emilie Phillips

The moose and the car are not actually related or I would not feel nearly so stupid about the car.

Two weekends ago, we went out skiing again with the AMC on the Cedar Brook trip. It ended up being just Tyson, myself, and the two trip leaders, Bill and Scott. The weather had been sort of iffy, so I guess some people canceled because of that. The breakable crust we had for Wildcat had been covered over by a foot or so of dense new snow. This meant we spent a lot of time breaking trail and wacking at tree branches overloaded with snow. It ended up taking us 10 hours, so we skied out the last bit in the dark. The coolest find along the trip though, was the dead moose. Skiing along the trail, Tyson noticed some fur and blood up ahead on the trail. The fur was kind of long for the size of thing that the blood would have accounted for, so Scott and Bill got curious and started digging. They figured they were going to find either a bear or a moose. Since all we had were ski poles, we uncovered a front leg and then guessed where the head was to look for antlers, and after finding the head but no antlers, we gave up.

Then last saturday, I was going to go skiing again with the AMC. Tyson wasn’t interested, so I had to drive myself. I was running quite late. There’s this curve in the road a block or two from the house. I’ve had issues with it before, and I knew it was icy. So I slowed down some, but not enough. The snow bank turned out to be a solid ice bank. I completely crunched the bumper, and ended up far enough up the ice bank that we had to borrow the landlord’s plow trunk to pull the car back down. So instead of skiing I got to deal with a broken car 🙁 And it now looks like the body shop has a large enough backlog from the other people with messed up bumpers that we won’t get the car back for two weeks. This is slightly inconvenient as the only other car we have is my old ’87 saab whose transmition is itching for a funeral.


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