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exciting times

March 14, 2008
Emilie Phillips

Since hooking up with the AMC ski group, we have been out having fun almost every weekend. We went to the winter workshop for two days up at Cardigan where we learned about all the gear we should be carying to deal with emergencies while on the trail. The weekend was split into time spent skiing outside, small group excersises, and general presentations.

The following weekend was to be a long ski through the Pemigewasset wilderness. The trip leader was worried the river
crossings would not be frozen over, so the trip got reduced to a shorter loop. This was good for me since I was still recovering from the flu that went around work. I made a discovery on that trip. My skis have lost all their springiness to the point where I was trying to glide on my kick region. So, I came home and ordered myself a new pair of skis.

The two ski trips since then have been canceled due to pouring rain and ice.

The other skiing fun has been that every other thursday the AMC has been running telemark ski clinics. At the first one, I was feeling hopelessly incompetant. I did better at the second one, but that was when I was still sick, so I had to quit early. And at yesterday’s clinic, I picked up a cheap set of skis off one of the instructors. And I don’t know if it was the skis or third time is the charm, but I did great.

So now that the season is almost over, I have two new pairs of skis and am psyched to go skiing.