A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

weekend highlights

May 28, 2008
Emilie Phillips

I still have a carnival post partially written on my N810 which I need to get around to posting, but in the meanwhile here is some of the fun stuff I have been doing with my weekends.

Ever since carnival, we have been out rock climbing every weekend. One weekend was the AMC’s top rope setup clinic. We didn’t do much climbing then, but we did learn better ways to set up a top rope. For mother’s day, we had a cook out over at Tyson’s brother’s with his mother as the guest of honor. Tyson took me out in a plane ride for the first time in a while that afternoon. Somewhere in there, we decided to get around to swapping the fairing on my motorcycle, but as we were getting ready to take it apart, I noticed that the inspection sticker doesn’t run out until the end of June. So instead, we just left the duct tapped fairing on for now while I remember how to ride.

This past weekend was more of the same. The weather was gorgeous (except for the black flies). We went climbing with the AMC on saturday. I managed to psych myself up to leading a 5.7. I did it first on top rope which made it a bit less scary. Then sunday we brought the motorcycles out and went over to a cookout at Tyson’s parents. That evening Tyson wanted to get night current for flying, so we had an interesting sequence of events where we rode the motorcycles over to Jaffrey. After Tyson had done his practice take offs and landings, I realized it was getting too cold for the motorcycle gear I had brought, so we flew back home to pick up some jackets and flew back to Jaffrey. And then we rode the motorcycles home. And on monday we finally managed to get the kayaks out for the season. We just went out to one of the local lakes to warm up.