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June 11, 2008
Emilie Phillips
  • The mint has been a complete dud.
  • I think I might have two basil plants, but they are still tiny and weak.
  • The six pepper plants seem to be just deciding to start growing. Unfortunately they are sharing pots because I ran out of pots/stoop space. I might have to find space inside for them.
  • The tomatoes have been a wild success. They would be the reason why I ran out of pots and stoop space. I’ve got one pot which still has a bunch of them in it, and I am trying to decide if I should let them all grow, or kill off all but the strongest.
  • And the green beans, much to my surprise, are already producing beans. Unfortunately, they are ripening at about 2 per day which really isn’t good for much more than a snack on the way in from work.


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Comments (5)

  • I have over grown mint in my patio too, keep having to trim them every few months.

    I just started growing tomatoes, 4 seeds sprouted, will see how they go. Also my third time growing basil, first time got eaten by bugs, second time had bad choice of pots. My parsley and oreganos are doing well, though haven’t use them much.

    By pepper, you mean bell pepper? They grow well in pots? I will have to consider that next time.

    I just joined this site called myfolio, check it out. I’m mainly using it to keep journal of my progress.


  • hi from Alisa

    I am enjoying reading your blog. After we move to our new apartment, in the middle of August, I hope to start a little potted herb garden on the balcony. If you have advice to growing herbs, do write 🙂