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more rock climbing

June 16, 2008
Emilie Phillips

During the sumer, the NH AMC has a once a week outdoor climb after work. This week was the first one. It was at Pawtuckaway state park in southern NH, so we could make it. There were only two other people there, Adam and Bill. But the heat had died down, so it made for a nice relaxing thursday evening.

Then this weekend were the second two days of the lead climbing clinic. This was the trad leading part. We went over gear placement and then did some climbs where we were trying to place gear every 4 feet. After the first day, I was feeling a bit more confident in my gear placements.

Both days were up in the Whites, so we got a hotel saturday night nearby. Unfortunately, that night it rained, and the following morning it rained and misted. Surprisingly a number of people drove up from farther south. After much rangling, we managed to convince Jed that the weather was absolutely no good for doing multi-pitch trad climbing, and to postpone until next weekend.