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June 4, 2008
Emilie Phillips

This past weekend we actually didn’t have any outdoorsy trips planned, so I threw a party. Due to late notice I only got a modest turn out, but it went well all the same. I forget what we did sunday, but whatever it was was nice too because I absolutely refused to think about work over the weekend.

And the reason why I refused to think about work, is that the project has been running in overdrive for the last month aiming to get _something_ produced by the end of the “sprint” this friday. And to make it even more brain frying, I haven’t managed to write a line of code the entire time, just design (and re-design when we figure out some other piece that invalidates the first piece, and re-re-design when we realize it was still a bit off. This all made another guy’s job a bit too much like Sisyphus.) And the worst is that even once we get this sprint done this week, we still have another month before we hand it off to test, so that’ll be another month of trying to get done the nearly impossible. _sigh_