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Cobscook Bay Vacation

July 27, 2008
Emilie Phillips

Mom put a wrench in the family’s summer plans by breaking her foot, so we switched to kayaking in Maine based out of a cabin. We started our search a little bit late in the year, but by trolling craigslist we found a place in down east Maine that advertised waterfront access, a remote location, sufficient beds, and fairly cheap.

The area we ended up at is Cobscook Bay. It is at the mouth of the Bay of Fundy. Cobscook is native american for boiling water. After doing some research we found out that the tides there were somewhat rough. And once we got there, we found the waterfront access was a rather steep and brambly carry followed by a steep and seaweed covered put in. But we managed to make a good time of it.

We paddled for six days and covered 103 miles, which is pretty much the entire bay. We saw seals, cormorants, eagles, dolphins, sea gulls, whale bones, fossilized snails, starfish, jelly fish, sea slugs, sea urchins, muscles, and some small fish. We paddled in calm back bays, strong helping and opposing currents, whirl pools, suddenly erupting white water, reversing falls, wind blown chop, and standing waves. We had sun, fog, clouds, rain, calm, and wind. At low tide there were mudflats and steep seaweed covered rock. 17 feet higher at high tide, the entire scenery changed. We never quite paddled to Canada, although we got close. Mom and Dad paddled their sea kayaks. Dad’s was almost brand new. Tyson and I swapped off between paddling the fast tandem and our plastic solos. The area was quite remote. We only saw a few boats the entire week, and there was no car traffic.

I had a blast.

I’ll attempt to post gps traces and photos later.

[Edit July 2020] I posted some photos


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