A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

busy week

July 5, 2008
Emilie Phillips

This past saturday Tyson was busy racing cars, so I went climbing with the AMC by myself. The weather was forecast to be rainy like it has been for the past many weeks. Meeting at the parking lot it was already drizzling. Luckily Tony had driven over from the other side of the Whites and said it wasn’t raining over there. So we relocated to Lincoln crag. It was humid, but otherwise fine all day. pictures

We then worked part of sunday so that we could make it up to Rumney tuesday evening with the AMC. Tuesday again was forecast to have thunderstorms. We checked the radar before making the drive up. Luckily all the storm tracks went around rumney. However the ground was still wet enough that no cracks were climbable. There were lots of people there. Jackie found a fun 5.7 for me to lead at the end of the day. pictures

Wednesday was the first day in a long while it was forecast to be nice, so we rode our motorcycles in to work. Unfortunately, the skies unfolded and poured all afternoon. Tyson’s errands got cancelled, so instead he came with me to play bridge with two co-workers and a wife. As it happens, Steve and Shan live near us, so we carpooled home and then back the next day. Thursday we watched the radar obsessively and ducked out early to get the motorcycles home before the swath of storms rolled through.

July 4th started out gloomy but slowly brightened up. The neighborhood pilots got together and flew over the Brookline parade as is their tradition. We watched them take off and land. pictures. Then there was the neighborhood cookout where I met a few more of the neighbours. Also people were giving rides in their airplanes. I got a ride in a bird dog (the blue and red airplane), which was really fun because it has lots of windows and a decent bit of power to do fun turns. Then Tyson went to go get his airplane to have fun too. After that cookout, we flew back over to Jaffrey for a cookout with Tyson’s family.

Today we got out kayaking. It looks like Tyson has his seat set up finally so it doesn’t pinch his sciatic nerve. However now we need to work on my seat some. It’s kind of like a bicycle seat where it’s more comfortable the harder I paddle. We also need to add some more deck lines and bungies.

And then tomorrow I go on the AMC women’s climbing trip.