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good weekend

August 3, 2008
Emilie Phillips

I managed to make a surprisingly great weekend out of these past few days. I was expecting to spend the weekend moping because Tyson was out of town the whole time.

The first half of the week had been hectic because I was trying to clean up from the kayaking trip while Tyson was trying to get ready for his trip this weekend. The second half of the week was hectic because we were trying to finally achieve a demo at work that we had thought we could achieve for the last few months.

So after having spent barely enough time to sleep in bed at my place Thursday night, Friday I headed to ‘s new condo for his house warming party. There were many new and interesting people there. Other than Brian, I vaguely knew one other person. We played a few games, but mostly just chatted. After the party, there was no way I was going to drive back home, so I planned ahead and brought stuff to crash at Brian’s place.

had found some expiring frequent flyer miles and randomly decided to come up this weekend. Since he was going to be south of Boston, I tried calling him up Saturday morning while I was still down at Brian’s, but I didn’t catch him. Instead I decided to come back home and relax. We managed to catch up later, and it turned out that he was going to be in Fitchburg that evening which is only a half hour away. So I invited him, Anh, and Anh’s 2 year old over for dinner. At that point I set about actually cleaning up the apartment. I managed to finally finish cleaning up from last week. And I fit in some target practice despite the drizzle. By the time I got back, I had an hour to cook. I managed to find a recipe that wouldn’t take too much longer than an hour and used the navy beans I had set to soaking thursday morning. I didn’t finish cooking before they showed up, but dinner was scrumptious, even the 2 year old thought so. It was good to catch up with Mark. And Anh and I renewed our agreement to try to get together to go climbing some time.

The AMC rock climbing trip for sunday got canceled due to thunderstorms and flood warnings. Instead, Thor and I formulated a plan to go climbing at a crag in Manchester, half way between the two of us, where the forecast wasn’t so dire. It ended up starting to rain just as we got there, so instead we went climbing at the Manchester gym. The gym climbing wasn’t great, but it was well worth getting to spend the afternoon hanging out with Thor.

So yeah, despite Tyson being out of town, I managed to be a social butterfly which I haven’t managed in what seems like ages. I like friends 🙂


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  • Hmm… I appear to have been more successful at turning my carnival meeting into social opportunities.

    Now you’re probably going to get all competitive about it.