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August 12, 2008
Emilie Phillips

I finally found a moment when it wasn’t raining to take a picture of my “garden.” The tomato plants have grown absurdly large. This week I got my first two tomatoes out of them. After re-reading the seed package, I determined they were cherry tomatoes, so the small size wasn’t some failing of mine. As you can see the pots have wandered off the end of the stoop and are starting to march around the apartment. The front row is the jalapeños. It looks like in another week or two I will have a bunch of those ready to eat. The beans never really made it to anything special and most of them are starting to die off. Surprisingly, though, the mint that I planted inside appears to have actually sprouted! For the longest while the pot was just producing weeds, but I persevered and kept watering it.

What with all the rain we have been getting, climbing has been sort of hit and run. This weekend we managed until 2pm before we had to run. I also managed to find enough spare time last week to go for a bike ride one evening. I really need to find time to do that again because it was really relaxing.


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