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on the economy

September 5, 2008
Emilie Phillips

Mostly the economy hasn’t been affecting me much. My job is secure. I’m not about to retire. And I don’t have house debt. However I am starting to notice it in other ways.

The grocery store isn’t stocking a number of the specialty items I like to purchase. The flooring store in the next town over downsized and the Kawasaki dealer from two towns over moved in with them. The motorcycle shop I bought my motorcycle from is now splitting its space with a pellet stove store. The convinience store on the main highway through town is for sale, and the coffe shop on the same road went on a three week vacation and never reopenned. And then wednesday when I had an errand to run I saw that one of the furniture stores I have frequented is closed, as is the organic farm stand with a bad reputation, and the gun shop that Tyson doesn’t like.

So, um, yeah…


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