A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

rainy weekend

September 29, 2008
Emilie Phillips

The climbing trip for the weekend got rained out as did Ashley’s birthday party, so we spent the weekend around the house. Saturday Tyson fixed the bed while I made apple sauce. It took me longer than usual since I was working alone. I think by the end I had over steamed my head. But I did manage to can 20 quarts. I am planning on making some more later with apples from a co-worker’s yard.

Sunday I had plans to be productive. I was maybe going to make some tomato sauce and then I was going work on my quilt. I started out the day by upgrading the OS on my N810. It took me until about noon to get it back to it’s former state. Then I tried to get mdns to work better, which horribly hosed things. After a while I gave up and re-flashed the N810. Unfortunately, in trying to take some shortcuts, I messed it up worse. So I flashed it a third time. I got everything working, and then I went clean up some stuff and broke mdns again. This time I figured out a work around. When I was finally done, it was 6pm. I convinced Tyson to make dinner, so I got a little bit done on the quilt, but not nearly the productive day I had been hoping for.