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Computer incompetence

October 8, 2008
Emilie Phillips

So, I have this nifty toy called a Nokia N810, and I’d just gotten some more features working well on it today. So feeling especially exuberant, I went browsing for other possible applications to install and installed some cool ones. However, then a couple of things didn’t run quite right. So I figured I’d reboot it to make sure everything was starting from a clean state.

Instead, the N810 got a little ways through booting and stopped. (Coincidentally/not it stopped at the same point as it had a couple days after my upgrade saga when a Nokia OS upgrade ate it.) Well, I was kind of bummed, but my brain got to thinking about the errors I had gotten before rebooting and realized they were consistent with the installed apps having made changes to /etc/sudoers conflicting with my edits. In any event, I would never know, I’d just have to look out for that next time I installed apps. Wrong! my backup server had happened to back up my N810 in the 20 minutes between the install and the reboot. And what did it tell me but that such useful things as invoke-rc.d now require a password to run.

_sigh_ if only I’d thought before rebooting, I wouldn’t have to reflash the device and start over from scratch 🙁

P.S. Do any of you know how to modify one file out of the N810 root file system using flasher or some such?


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Comments (2)

  • More questions than answers

    When I was building x86 embedded systems, I always had GRUB or its equivalent so that I could boot from an external device if need be. I have been too timid to do any serious damage with my nokia, but there almost has to be an equivalent boot-loader. If you could find and configure the boot-loader, then you could re-boot from a recovery media, and fiddle with the files on the internal memory.

    Not really much help
    Anonymous Dad