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October 23, 2008
Emilie Phillips

I got the KitchenAid food processor before getting sick, so I’ve used it a bit by now. It isn’t quite meeting my expectations.

On the one hand it does work better than my old food processor, and I’ve been able to cook dinner faster with it, but I think that is mostly due to sharp blades and being more creative about how to use it.

Some of the things that annoy me:

  • There is too much space between the lid and the grater/slicer disks, so I end up with big chunks of food un-processed. The big feeder tube compounds the problem because the veggies end up sideways.
  • You can’t use any of the smaller bowls without getting the big one dirty.
  • The smallest bowl that’s supposed to work for mincing smaller quantities, seems to send the food flying into the high lid rather than cutting it.
  • This is probably true of any modern food processor, but because of the safety interlock on the pusher, I can’t actually fit as much food into it as I could into my old food processor’s feed tube.


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Comments (4)

  • So, you getting better?

    I have to say that I’ve basically only used my food processor to make various forms of mush: hummus, cake batter, that kind of thing — and the latter only if I have to cream the butter without melting it. My only complaint there is that sometimes the double lip is just the right size for a chunk of garlic to shoot up and get stuck in there, and of course I have to clean it out before making cake (maybe someday I’ll try a garlic cake, but that seems so obviously wrong). I never grate veggies, which I remember you’re fond of doing, and I chop them just fine with a knife and cutting board.

    • I’m similar to Benoit here. I just use my processor for soups and pastes and pestos. Slices or julliennes I do with the good old mandoline. It’s easier to clean up, doesn’t run into food bowl filling up issues (my food precessor is not huge) and it’s more conviniently on hand. Or I just use the knife, depending on quantity, need for exactness, and mood. As for shredding, I really should get a shreader for my processor.