A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Unfortunately the answer for most of that week and a half was being miserably sick. I missed out on two gorgeous fall weekends. Tyson ended up fixing my N810 since I was in no mental state to deal with it.

We’re narrowing in on a house design. It’s looking a little more expensive than we’d like. So there’s a choice we’llhave to make. Assuming a static world, we could easily save the difference by waiting a year or two. However, the government throwing money at everybody is likely to make inflation go up, so we might be better off just borrowing more now. And on a different axis, there’s the question of whether to sell stocks despite them being pathetic right now.

Yesterday evening was the AMC ski committee meeting. Tyson and I signed up to co-lead some trips on our way towards become full fledged ski leaders. And it was fun to hang out with people I hadn’t seen since last ski season.


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    • I hadn’t heard about that. Thanks. Do you know if it only applies this year, or if it will still apply next year?

      It isn’t much compared to how much the housing market around here still costs.

      • It looks like you HAVE TO declare it next year. And can do so if you plan to purchase next year. Though I don’t know what happens if you don’t. I don’t know though, I’d find a friendly accountant to ask 🙂 If you could both take it, a $15000 interest free 30 year loan isn’t bad…

    • If there isn’t enough profit from the home sale, the credit is written off and the IRS doesn’t get repaid

      OK, this is either pure crack cocaine or someone’s pulling my leg.

  • In the past couple months, there’s been substantial deflation (market, houses, oil, other commodities), so I don’t think inflation is anything to really worry about for a little while. Which, given that I’m in debt, is too bad: I like inflation!

    My crystal ball tells me nothing about stocks. I thought I was selling near the bottom. I was wrong. We could be near the bottom now. We could have another big chunk to fall. Buffet only knows what will happen.

    Still, you have a looooong time to go before retirement. Losing your entire life savings right now doesn’t mean much. Even Tyson can probably afford to screw up the home economics right now, regardless whether he can count on you forever. My dad pushed me over the edge to buying the nicer, more expensive place, with that argument. At some point, you want to use your money to buy happiness, and you may as well do so earlier rather than later. So, don’t worry too hard.