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Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Relaxation weekend

November 29, 2008
Emilie Phillips

I stayed around town for this Thanksgiving weekend and had dinner with Tyson’s family.

Because of their schedule, we ended up having the big dinner on Friday. So Thursday we were somewhat productive in the morning. That afternoon I took my motorcycle over to Jaffrey for winter storage and we went flying around the area. While flying over Monadnock, we spotted a bit of rock that looked like it might be good for rock climbing.

Friday was filled with the preparation and consumption of food.

Then today, Tyson, his brother and brother’s wife, and I hiked up Monadnock to go look at the cliff and enjoy the day. The cliff looks like it will be worth coming back to in the summer. And the views from the top of the ridge were quite good. The air was clear enough that we could see Boston and snow on the Whites.


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  • Good Thanksgiving

    Does sound like you had a good Thanksgiving break. For Mom and I, as small miracle occurred … we had great cross country skiing on the Thanksgiving week-end. This is the first Thanksgiving that I can remember having full snow coverage permitting skiing over to Whitegrass as well as skiing there.

    the anonymous Dad