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review in a train of thought

November 23, 2008
Emilie Phillips

On the big scale of things, I didn’t do much for the past couple of weeks. A group of ski committee folks got together and cleared a glade on Mt Cardigan. Work had another one of its periodic demos friday. And yesterday, we went to a friend’s 50th birthday party.

On the other hand, the little things in life are progressing.

My quilt is getting closer to done. Though there was an interruption when the sewing machine broke and went to get repaired. Speaking of things that broke, our old roomba died, so I bought an upgrade. This one can be scheduled to run at certain times. This means it actually gets run frequently and I keep stuff off the floor, so the apartment has been looking nice. I finally got around to making apple sauce today out of some B-grade apples I had bought a little while back. I only got 13 quarts, whereas I think I have previously gotten 20 out of a bushel.

We had another talk with a contractor on the house which gave us some more ideas on how to reduce cost. We even ordered a couple of books on how to make your own concrete counter top, which I have since decided would be cool. And Tyson spent a bit of this weekend calculating out the heat budget for the house.

At work, we coded up to the last second on the demo and did a bit of slight of hand to distract people from the bits that didn’t work. Management is impressed with how well we are doing, which is good to hear, but us engineers still think we are ages away from the goal.

And I’ve still been getting my socializing in because a group of the AMC climbers have started going to the climbing gym every monday.