A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Christmas and travel

December 26, 2008
Emilie Phillips

Christmas went pretty well. It was a little disorganised with people showing up at random times. We had it over at Tyson’s brother’s place with his and his wife’s family. We managed to not give any gift cards this year. The kids got so many toys they couldn’t stay focused on one for more than a couple minutes. I also brought over home made eggnog which was initially viewed with much skepticism in its Nalgene bottles, but by the end people tried it and came back for seconds.

After christmas presents we came back home and spent the evening packing in the hope that we would get up at a reasonable time today. That only sort of worked. At least we will be ending our 13 hour drive down to VA before midnight tonight.

We made a slight detour along the way to have dinner with Peter, a friend of mine from grad school who was also back visiting his parents. Dinner was a good way to catch up and take a break from the drive. I’m always a little nervous introducing friends from one part of my life to friends from another part, but so far Tyson seems to have gotten along with all the friends I have introduced him to. And this was no exception, so that’s good.

85 more miles to go.