A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Smarts Brook part 1 and 2

January 24, 2009
Emilie Phillips

This past Saturday was my first co-lead for the ski committee. To prepare for it, last Saturday, Tyson and I skied the route. We didn’t have a good map of the area, and Bill’s recollected directions were a bit fuzzy, so it was a little bit of an adventure.

We met other skiers

The first part of the trail was obvious. It had little maps at every intersection. About where we thought we should head off into the unknown from those maps, we ran into a couple of locals who knew a way to get to our destination. It didn’t sound like Bill’s route, but it sounded better than getting lost. So we followed them for a bit until our path branched off of the main track. At that point we started breaking trail through lovely fresh powder. There had actually been a storm a week prior that laid down powder, and then it stayed frigid all week. And Saturday another storm was busy snowing more powder on top of us. In places where no one had broken trail for both storms, the snow piled up to almost our knee caps.

View across Atwood Pond

A good ways up that trail we were passed by another person who was out exploring. He knew the trail in the summer, but had never been in winter. He passed us, but while we were eating lunch, he came back and said he thought he’d figured out which way the trail went, but had fallen in the water and had to hurry back home because of time constraints. We followed his guess which short-cut the trail a little bit, but came out to the right road. From there we caught back up with the second part of the trail lower on the road. There was only one spot where the trail was a little confusing the follow. That looped us back to the main drag which took us back passed another map on the way to the car where I finally figured out how the trails were supposed to interconnect.

When I discussed the route later that week, he said it was the intended route.

Lunch at Atwood Pond

So, fast forward to this passed Saturday. Bill had dealt with all the trip set up, so all I needed to do was run the day. We had a good cheerful group, and mostly the day went easily. The only real leadership issue was that there was a wide disparity in skill levels, so it took me a bit to figure out a pace that would work for everyone. After the official trip, some of the stronger people decided to go out for a second loop. One of the guys on the trip knew of a pretty ice-filled gorge. That loop was flatter, but we went at a good aerobic pace. People seemed to have had enough fun that we should see a bunch of them back.

Pictures from Exploring

Pictures from the AMC Trip