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Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

The rest of my trip

January 2, 2009
Emilie Phillips

I forgot to mention that on Sunday I went to a discussion group with my parents. My immediate impression was that is was the old fashioned blogosphere. It was the same sort of mix of people expressing their own opinion vs researched facts, and some people being experts and others just listening in.

Monday we went out for a hike. I wasn’t really interested in trying to play tourist around town, so showing off the blue ridge was a better option.

Tuesday I tried to get some work in with mixed sucess. Then that evening we went over to see some good friends of ours. They have a timber frame passive solar house insulated with home made stressed skin panels — about what we want, but probably can’t afford. We spent a bit of time analysing the house and discussing construction methods. And then we spent a bunch more time catching up. We finished up the evening with a relaxing dip in the hot tub.

Wednesday Mom always does trail maintenance with the local trail club, so we all tagged along. Apparently a number of them remembered me, but I only recognized one of them. We cut a bunch of trees. Instead of coming back out the same trail, Mom, Tyson, and I did a detour to see a big rock slide and Dad ran the car around to pick us up. One of the women who usually comes on the hikes wasn’t able to because of hip problems, and I had wanted to see her, so we stopped by her place on the way back home. A couple of the other folks had carpooled from there too, so we ended up making an impromptu New Years Eve afternoon party.

Thursday Mom got serious about cleaning out my room. I didn’t have room to take much back, so mostly we found things to throw out and packed the rest of it away better. I then managed to do some more work. That evening we went out and visited one last friend. We stayed chatting late, which was fun, but ment we didn’t get up early today for the drive home.

All in all it turned out to be a decent trip. I had much more fun than I expected to.