A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Cedar Brook

February 22, 2009
Emilie Phillips

Last year’s Cedar Brook trip was 4 people and 10 hours, this year there was less snow, but otherwise about the same. Scott, who had co-lead last year, was busy working this year, so he couldn’t come. This was Tyson’s second mentored lead this year. And some new person we hadn’t met before came. We had some problems following the trail like last year, but Tyson had uploaded last year’s track into the gps, so we just bushwacked until we located the trail again. We actually zig-zaged across it a couple of times before spotting it. We didn’t size the skins we were loaning the new guy in the parking lot, so only a ways out did we discover that they were too short. Much duct tape was employed. Then later in the day, Bill’s binding came apart. He has a releasable binding, so it has more pieces than a standard one. The barrel for his tension adjustment cracked. Luckily he spotted this right when it happened, so he found the bits that fell out. We then used hose clamps from a repair kit to hold it together.

The big surprise on the trip for us was the views. Last year we had near white-out conditions at times and trees so heavily laden with snow that you couldn’t see anywhere. So we were a bit surprised to see nice views of the surrounding mountains.