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Green leafy things

February 22, 2009
Emilie Phillips

My houseplants have decided it is spring. They are all putting out new leaves. The jalapenos that I brought in from the garden managed to survive the winter despite their aphid infestation. I never seem to fully get rid of the bugs on my plants, so I currently have aphids and scale insects wandering around. I’ve got a couple of plants that could probably benefit from bigger pots, but I don’t yet have the space to do that.


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Comments (4)

  • I wonder what it is with you and aphids. I’ve never had that problem, except of course when you moved in. (I’ve had other problems — my plants are rather anemic right now –, just not that one.)

  • You may be able to decrease/eliminate the aphids with a strong stream of water. If the plant fits in the kitchen sink, give it a try. The bathroom shower is the other option, but more difficult to get all the side of the leaves. Most of the bugs reside on the bottom of the leaves.

    I take the plants outside and hit them with a good spray from the hose. But then we occasionally have 50 F days.