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Pemigewasset Railroad Grade

February 22, 2009
Emilie Phillips

We dragged Hiten and Stacy out for their second cross country ski today. The snow down south was still fairly pathetic, so we convinced them to come up to the Whites where there is nice fluffy snow. We actually went back to pretty close to yesterday’s ski because I knew there is a nice long railroad grade ski trail there. We made it a bit over 6 miles including a small side trail where we taught them how to herringbone and parallel up hills. There was supposed to have been snow in the afternoon, but it held off until we got back to the car. So now we’re driving home in a beautiful snow storm.

Both days this weekend I brought my new(ish) waxable skis. They are longer and skinnier than my old skis, and don’t have as much side cut as my equally new(ish) scaled skis. For both days I think they were a good choice. It’s taking me a bit to figure out what the proper wax pocket. The suggestions on the web for how to find the pocket (stand on the skis and see how far you can slide a piece of paper) seem to not give me enough stick. If I wax a bit farther out, then the skis behave fine. The glide on the touring skis is awesome. On the way back down today I hardly had to do anything. What I give up is some turning ability, so I don’t get to do gratuitous tele-turns.


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