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shopping success

February 12, 2009
Emilie Phillips

I needed some new work pants, so I finally gave in and decided to get some new clothes. Generally I have gotten stuff from LandsEnd since that’s where Mom always ordered from when I was growing up. I’ve been finding that their dress pants don’t seem to fit me well, and I wanted to explore some other fashions. I’m still trying to find a compromise between business casual and Emilie.

I’ve gotten catalogs from a number of places in the mail, and the two which caught my eye enough to keep them were athleta and winter silks. I like the style at athleta better, but I couldn’t convince myself that the pants would have usable pockets. Most of them don’t have pockets at all. Winter silks has more business causal clothes, and it looked more plausible that their pants would have usable pockets. So I ordered pants from winter silks and some shirts from athleta.

The pants just showed up today. They fit reasonably comfortably, although I haven’t worn them for a day yet. They look quite nice. And, oh my the pockets! This is the first time in a while that I have had pants pockets which can hold a paperback novel. Product description

We’ll see how the other order turns out.