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Too warm

February 18, 2009
Emilie Phillips

Last Tuesday was supposed to have been my second co-lead with the AMC, but the forecast was for freezing rain, so I ended up cancelling. It’s been above freezing for the past while, so the snow has been steadily melting. I hope this storm forecast for this evening brings in a bunch of snow rather than sleet.

Saturday we went on the wiener roast trip. This was an easy 5 mile loop in a state park a bit north of Manchester (much closer than the Whites). It was advertised as a combination ski or snow shoe depending on people’s preference. What with all the melting, the trail was quite solid and quite icy. Tyson, one other guy, and I ended up being the only people brave enough to ski. Everyone else just booted it. As for the roasting, it turns out that toasting frozen marshmallows takes more patience than summer temperature ones… On the plus side we discoverd that out of the track, the snow was actually quite skiable.

Sunday was to have been a telemark trip to Mt Mansfield in VT. Given the conditions, people decided it wasn’t worth driving that far to what would probably be a tracked out mountain. Instead we went to the super secret glade on Mt Cardigan that we had thinned last year. The hope was that few enough people would know where it was that no one would have skied it since the last snow storm a few weeks ago. Luckily our hope proved out. It was essentially spring skiing. We spent all day yo-yoing that glade. I think I skied it 7 times. By the end it was starting to develop mogules. Unfortunately, we still had to ski out at the end of the day after exhausting ourselves having fun. pictures


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Comments (2)

    • oh, and there weren’t even pictures of some of my later turns when my legs were getting so tired that my knee collapsed onto the ski.

      But yes, I am getting better at the telemark turn. The first run of the day, I still can’t remember how to turn, and the first couple of turns at the top of the hill aren’t right either, but once I get going, I do pretty well.

      If you wanted some day, you could probably borrow my plastic boots and shaped skis to try them out. The boots are a size 9.5.