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White stuff

February 2, 2009
Emilie Phillips

This weekend we decided to go gung-ho on skiing. Saturday Tyson had his first mentored co-lead on the Wildcat Valley Trail. This trail goes from the top of the Wildcat down hill ski area to the Jackson cross country ski area. Due to a bit of miscalculation, the trip ended up with 15 people, so I helped some with keeping the group together. Last year when we did that trail, the snow was breakable crust. This year it was nice fluffy powder. The trail itself is a nice combination of some steeper sections and some rolling terrain which was just perfect for my cross country skis.

Then Sunday we went skiing at Mad River Glen in Vermont. Wes was awesome and had given us tickets for christmas. It didn’t quite live up to the mecca of telemark that I was expecting, but I guess it is hard to compete with untracked back country powder. We did do Paradise, since that’s the famous trail everyone talks about. The top part was fine, but when I got to the steep bit, my telemark turn ran and cowered, so I ended up doing a combination of wedge turns and stem christie’s. But, we made it down.


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