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AMC ski committee pot luck

March 29, 2009
Emilie Phillips

As the end of the ski season is approaching, Tony held the ski committee pot luck. There was originally supposed to have been a skiing component, but that go rained out. Instead Tony changed it to a cook-in at his place. Not too many people showed, unfortunately. They all had generally dull excuses such as needing to work. We watched some ski porn, debated future trips, and ate good food. The spring trips this year are getting a massive amount of responses this year. Tyson and I already declined going on two that had 20ish people on them. And we’ve got another one coming up where we’re getting recruited to help lead because it is overbooked. The ski committee is only two years old, so it is surprising that it is growing this rapidly. I guess next year we’ll just have to plan more trips. On a different note, I discovered that one of the other leaders there builds SIP houses for a living, so Tyson had a chat with him.