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April 7, 2009
Emilie Phillips

I added the garage.

From land

The neighborhood covenants actually require a 2 car garage. Meanwhile Tyson has rearranged the downstairs bathroom area, so I’ll have to update that tomorrow. Hopefully I can figure out how to do that without messing up upstairs.


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Comments (7)

    • …but it has 10ft less length and 7ft less height!? 😉

      I’m not aware of rules (laws) for roof pitch, except to say that steeper is stronger and shallower is easier to work on. The pitch of the main house roof was chosen for proper solar collection during the winter months. The same pitch was chosen for the garage, but in this case the purpose was gear storage in its attic. It is likely that we could reduce the pitch of the garage a bit without loosing much space and help the appearance.

      • My two comments were disconnected.

        I’ve gotten unused to having a two-car garage be a normal thing (and used to having parking tickets be a normal thing, grumbles), so I forget how it actually takes a lot of room to fit a pair of cars.

        • …a pair of cars, a pair of bicycles, a pair of motor cycles, 3.8 kayaks, 8 snow tires, car jack, some of the house utilities, XC-skis, tele-skis, ski boots, hiking boots, jackets, back packs, tents, motorcycle suits, wet suits, dry tops, various helmets, table saw, band saw, drill press, chain saw, pole saw, snow shovels… 🙂

  • The codes I’ve seen didn’t specify what pitches were allowed, but specified required loads that had to be supported. So some pitches met them more economically than others. Especially once wind load requirements are included.

    Is a hipped roof over the garage allowed/desirable? It might make the garage look less huge compared to the house at the cost of reducing attic volume.