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April 5, 2009
Emilie Phillips

I looked around and, without going for quite expensive and windows only, google sketchup looked like the easiest way to get a model of our house plans. So far the plans have just been in 2d CAD files. After a weekend of work, this is what I’ve got.

[Edit: apparently picassa doesn’t like direct linking to an image there, so here’s the link to the whole album.]

[Edit 2: aha!

From land
From land


Of course, while I was doing the renderings, Tyson was busy updating the CAD files. Too bad svn can’t resolve that sort of conflict…


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Comments (11)

  • There’s some kind of issue with the images. They don’t show up at all in my friends page, and in the reply page they’re just empty rectangles with a red dot in the upper left.

  • Spare Wall Section

    On the lower level, the common wall for the two bed rooms extends across in front of the wall for the bathroom and utility room. The doubled walls will make it difficult to get large objects in and out of the rooms. Why not just leave the mini-hallway open to the main room.

    Anonymous Dad

    • Re: Spare Wall Section

      The wall permits the bedrooms to have “private” access to the bathroom and adds to the wall space of the main downstairs room. We where finding that wall space for shelves, pictures, maps, what-ever was in short supply.

      The doorway in into that space is 4 feet wide because of the concern you raise. We are also looking at possible tuning of the bathroom and utility room back there which may make the “hallway” a little wider. There is a small chance we will move all the utilities into the garage (not depicted in this model yet) and eliminate the utility room.

    • Re: Spare Wall Section

      Hard to tell, but I doubt the geometry will allow getting a bed into the bedrooms, even with a 4′ hallway door. Moving the door from the center of the hallway to in line with one of the bath or utility room doors would at make getting things into one bedroom easy, and from there you could get them back down the hallway into the other bedroom.

      Is the hallway wall loadbearing or can it be made to be a big removeable panel? If you end up needing to replace the bathtub or utilities, that might make things easier and you might also get away with a smaller door.

      • Re: Spare Wall Section

        I expect that layout to get some modification. In particular, I think we can make that hallway a bit wider and make the bathroom a bit larger. The utility room would get smaller or disappear all together in exchange for larger bathroom and bedrooms.

        Our current apartment has a 3ft wide hallway with a 30″ door way to the bedroom off one side of the hallway. We have been able to get all furniture in, including a large platform bed with drawers in its foundation.

        Narrow hallways and small doors are the norm for apartment old buildings and people are able to get their stuff in and out. Beds disassemble, shower/tubs are multi-piece units.

      • Re: Spare Wall Section

        We’re still investigating, but it turns out that some of the concepts for rearranging the down-stairs bathroom and utility space make eliminate the need for that extra wall. 🙂