A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

I did’t manage to schedule my sunday until quite late, and it is possible that I could have scheduled it more optimally, but that happens. I purposefully didn’t schedule anything for the morning after the big party.

Tyson and I headed downtown for lunch with Jason C. whom I hadn’t seen since he graduated CMU. It sounds like he has been through a few cool jobs on the way to the startup where he works now. And he’s definitely still full of enthusiasm. We chatted until 2:30 when he needed to go, and when we should probably have headed back to Ballard. Instead I spotted the park along the Elliott bay. It is a nice park along the bay side with a walking path and a bike path and plenty of places for kids to play. We walked for a bit, and then I started to wonder how we were going to get back out. The park is cut off from the city by railroad tracks. We kept going, and going, and started running late for my next activity, and finally found a bridge back over the tracks. And then I had to figure out which bus to take. The bus showed up before I figured it out. We guessed that the number sounded like one of the ones Rehana had mentioned. And luckily everything turned out well.

Then we were back at Zach’s place hanging out with people. The new addition to people was . Of the people I saw this trip, it had been the longest since I had seen Oren. Luckily he is still a nice guy. Not so luckily, I was only there for a short bit, and people were playing rock band, so it was a little hard to interact. To make up for it, we made plans to have lunch and tour his work later in the week.

Then Tyson and I headed back over to Chris and George’s. The suboptimality in my scheduling is that it might have been better to have headed over earlier. Oh well. The evening had a similar crowd to the previous night, but a bit more subdued. I didn’t get to spend quite as much time with Chris and George as I would have liked, but that’s the way of weddings — everyone is there to see the bride and groom. Mark and Neal ended up kidnapping me to go swing dancing. George’s sister and a friend of Neal’s came along. Dancing was ok. I wasn’t particularly feeling like meeting new people, and I’m afraid but that swing dancing on its own isn’t enough to interest me, so I just danced with Mark and Neal for the evening. Between the three of us gals, we ran the two of them out of energy.

Given how the rest of my schedule fell out, that evening ended up being the last time I saw any of the folks associated with the wedding. Guess I need to plan more trips to visit people.