A Family Adventure

in the mountains, ocean, and air


April 1, 2009
Emilie Phillips

So, I called up Mountain Gear this morning to see if they had sent the wrong skis, or if the listed size was a typo. I’d forgotten about the time zone difference, so the response I got was «It’s 6:30AM so I’ll tell the warehouse guys to go look when they get in and call you back.» Not the most reasuring of responses. Since their site didn’t even offer the 167cm skis as an option any more, I kind of figured that even if they had previously had some available, they had probably since been sold.

I got a call back at a more reasonable WA state time. They found 167cm skis. They said they would ship them to me today. And they’d call UPS to pick up the wrong set of skis from my house tomorrow. That was a way better result than I had expected.