A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Really, doing those renderings of the house took most of my weekend. We had been thinking about going skiing, but the weather didn’t look great, so we decided to stay home instead. Since the weather in the southern half of the state was lovely, we were going to pick up the motorcycles and kayaks from their winter storage, but instead we worked on the house, which wasn’t a bad thing. We did go for a walk around the neighborhood. There are two nesting pairs of great blue herons in the swamp again this year. There are always tons of red winged black birds, some geese, and ducks. This time we also saw an osprey. Last time out we had seen a pair of wood ducks which are quite pretty. Instead of following the trail, we bush wacked over to the stream where we heard sounds of fast running water. It turns out that this stream that for most of the rest of its course meanders from beaver pond to beaver pond, has some nice rapids in this one spot.

The local farmstand/grocery store opened up again for the season. That means I don’t have to drive as far for groceries. And it means I get tastier granola and impulse buys such as rhubarb. Unfortunately I didn’t impulse buy quite enough, so I had to augment the pie with some frozen fruit I had. Not that the pie really suffered.