A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Benoit visited

May 19, 2009
Emilie Phillips

dropped in for the weekend. The original plan had been to go climb at Rumney, but with enough arm twisting, we convinced to stay in town. So Saturday we went paddling with her.

Tyson and I hadn’t retrieved our boats from winter storage yet. So we spent most of the sunny morning picking the kayaks up from his parents’ and borrowing the family canoe from his brother. Then we went and picked up . By the time we had picked her up and eaten lunch, the sky had completely clouded over. And slightly down the road it started to rain. So, I guess we spent the one sunny bit of the weekend inside or driving around. We drove up to Moore reservoir on the Connecticut river. The lake was reasonable size, but surprisingly uninteresting. We guessed that was because there weren’t any of the usually swampy areas at the edge of the lake. We really didn’t see much wild life.

I had been assuming that since it was a flat lake, the trip would be pretty easy. As it turned out, on the way back a good breaze picked up blowing away from the car. The wind was strong enough with a long enough fetch to build white caps. Tyson and I were just fine. But Benoit and had some issues with their bathtub of an aluminium canoe. We made it back fine, but it was enough of a struggle to make me re-evaluate the assumption that lakes are easy flat paddling.

Both Tyson and I did a couple successful rolls, but then we decided it was kind of cold. And, it looks like the paddling was OK for Tyson’s knee. So that may be our sport for the summer.

Saturday evening starting just before we got back to the cars until late at night it poured. So sunday morning when Benoit and I were planning on going to Rumney, we just kind of putzed around waiting for the world to dry out. We borrowed Thor’s Rumney guide since he’s in Concord which is on the way. I was unable to convince either him or Larry to come climbing since they had spent the sunny part of saturday out climbing and tiring themselves out.

By the time we got up to Rumney a bit past noon, there were still some wet spots, but there was plenty of climbable stuff. We ended up doing two climbs that weren’t in the guide. One of them we were aiming at a classic 5.9 and missed, so that was a little bit of a bummer. Somehow Benoit talked me into leading a 5.7 on my first day out for the season. And for the last climb of the day, Benoit led a 5.10. I managed to make it up, with plenty of rests in the middle. That was a quite pleasant surprise since last year 5.10 was the top of my range, and I haven’t done any sort of climbing in months. By the end of the day, my fingers were quite sore and climbing muscles quite tired.