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Free range beef

May 13, 2009
Emilie Phillips

I just had my first ever bit of free range, grass fed steak Monday. I haven’t previously bought it because of the expense, and skepticism over how much better it could possibly be. The reason why I got it this time is I was trying out a different store that advertised local meat, and that was what they had.

It tastes strikingly different from standard beef. Tyson really liked it. I still haven’t gotten over the difference yet to make up my mind on what I actually think about it.


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Comments (1)

  • I like farmed salmon better than wild, myself. I have a vague and not especially well-researched idea that grass-feeding a cow is better for the cow, and it’s said that grass-fed cows have superior, less-cholesterol-causing fat. Said by people selling grass-fed beef.

    I definitely eat little enough beef that buying only the most carefully-raised and hippie-certified cow wouldn’t significantly impact my food budget.