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More work on the house

May 3, 2009
Emilie Phillips

I think I now have most of the house as designed rendered in 3D. The colors aren’t quite right yet, but I figure that can be done with paint swatches.


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Comments (5)

  • I’ve been waffling on the ledge/backstop on the front side of the peninsula counter. It does all the things you mentioned plus it makes it possible to use standard counters and stove which should be cheaper, and one design book suggests that it hides the mess in the kitchen from the guests.

    On the other hand, I really like the egalitarian look of neither the kitchen nor the dinning room side of the counter being preferred.

    Would you still come to the house warming party if you were handed a hammer or paint brush?

    • There’s the possibility of having the stove on the wall side, away from the island.

      A warning: never, ever, under any circumstances, let someone sell you a “high-efficiency” electric range with the glass cover over the elements. Everyone I know who has one regrets it: hot glass looks cold. Also, hot glass takes a while to cool down.

      We’ll see how much work I do on my own house, and then I can answer your last question 🙂

      • There are the electric ranges with glass covers, and then there are the induction ranges. Do you know anything about the latter?

        Odds are we will go with an easy to clean gas range.

        I think I spend more time at the stove than I do at the sink, so I think I would prefer to have the stove looking out towards people.

        • Induction ranges sound very cool!

          It would kind of suck if you had steel parts in your wrist, but I guess titanium should be fine.

        • But more generally: energy efficiency in your stove is not something to worry about. It’s just not a big energy sink in a modern home.