A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac


May 21, 2009
Emilie Phillips

Today felt like the first day of summer. It got up to 90F or so around here. By dinner time, I was starting to think that going over to the greasy food place with ice cream next to Tyson’s parents sounded like a good idea, especially since the kitchen is a disaster. Russ had a block party for his kids a bunch of the neighbors involving a kiddie pool and stuff in his hangar and yard, and he spent all afternoon giving them rides in the airplane. So I was thinking that maybe I could get an airplane ride out of going to visit Jaffrey too. Tyson didn’t feel like just going up and flying around in circles with no where to go, so he convinced me that we could spend the time instead retrieving my motorcycle from winter storage. So we went over and chatted and had fried foods. Then we went and found the motorcycles. Tyson turned his on just to make sure it still worked. We will need to do another trip to go get it. Mine was a little crankier about turning on than his as it typically is. I drove it around the airport there for a bit to make sure I still remembered how to drive it. And then we headed home. We had yakked for long enough that it was kind of dark driving home which made the bumpy country roads a little interesting, but I did fine. Even trying to be good and cautious, and the first time on the motorcycle for the year, riding the motorcycle is immensely fun. Time to come up with lots of excuses to ride it!

P.S. I think I might have squished a frog.


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