A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Wednesday was our last day of vacation. In the morning we did a little bit of packing, and then we headed south of town to meet Oren for lunch and a tour of his work. He works at Blue Origin which is one of the private companies working on space flight. People think that working at iRobot sounds cool. He gets a whole space ship for a robot. How cool is that? Rehana came along for the tour with us since she hadn’t seen Oren’s work either. Then we went out for lunch. Talk ended up revolving around work politics and stuff. It was nice to get some frame of reference outside of iRobot.

Then Tyson and I went to the museum of flight. Tyson wanted to look at the military jets, and I wanted to look at the civilian planes. So we dithered. They had a Concorde off in another parking lot, but unfortunately I didn’t figure out where until after they closed the exhibit for the day.

For the last thing of the day (and the trip) we had dinner with a friend of Tyson’s from high school. His wife does felting. It sounds like it started out as a hobby, but has grown into a profitable enterprise. Her biggest selling item is felt rocks. It seems odd to me that people would pay for a rock wrapped in felt to look like a rock, but searching the internet, it seems that there are a number of other people who make such things. Tyson hadn’t seen his friend since high school, so there was plenty of catching up to do, which meant I didn’t feel like the odd man out. I even kicked a ball around with their son for a while.