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Star trek

May 11, 2009
Emilie Phillips

Tyson has been wanting to see a movie for a while now. Since his knee is beat up, it is something entertaining we could do together. So we went and saw the new Star Trek movie. My first complaint is about the movie theater. The volume was distressingly loud. I don’t remember having issues in other theaters, although Tyson insists it was normal, but I spent the first third of the movie with my hands over my ears. And I could understand the dialog just fine.

After all the reviews about how this new movie abandonned the old plot line and came up with a new one, I was a little surprised at how much it still depended on context from the old series. I have seen maybe two Star Trek episodes. And I have heard you guys quoting it incessantly. So there were lots of things where I thought, «wait, is that some reference? Am I missing a joke?» Other than that it seemed like an average action flick.


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Comments (1)

  • I assume movie theaters will be too loud and take foam earplugs with me

    There were definitely a lot of lines and minor plot points whose only function was to tickle our Trekkie brains and elicit the reaction ‘ha ha, that always happens :-)’