A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Summer and winter makes spring

May 26, 2009
Emilie Phillips

My two activities for this weekend: kayaking and skiing (no not water skiing).

Sunday, Tyson and I went sea kayaking out by Hampton beach. We never quite agreed on whether we were going surfing or paddling a distance for exercise. The original plan had been surfing, but then there weren’t any waves. Eh, we eventually found stuff to do. I am still having an issue where my left arm starts hurting after not much paddling. Stretching usually helps it, but it was still feeling annoyed that day. And then I tweaked it while failing to surf a big wave which pretty much put an end to my day.

Monday we went up to Mt Washington for skiing. The plan was to drive up the auto road and go skiing on some of the snow remaining at the top of the mountain. And since it was memorial day, there would be some grilling too. We showed up a little bit later than other folks. And there ended up being less people in our group than we expected. So when we followed the obvious groups of skiers, we ended up hiking down the wrong side of the mountain. We eventually decided that it wasn’t possibly the right direction, but not before Tyson had walked a bit far on his knee. Back up at the parking lot we got directions to the right place. The snow field was a bit small, and I was a bit out of practice after a month of no skiing. But it was fun. Now if only I could keep weight on my back shin, I could really ski well. Tyson stood around taking photos and video of everybody. Unfortunately the grills got kept away by the 50mph winds, so we drove back home and then Tyson grilled up what would have been lunch for a tasty dinner.