A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Kayak surfing

June 16, 2009
Emilie Phillips

We went out for our second time with the kayak meetup group that we found through Mike. Every other week this group appears to have a kayak surfing session off the NH coast. Tyson suggested that we should take the tandom so that we could learn to deal with it in waves in a somewhat protected environment with other folks around. I thought this was somewhat of a waste of a surfing oportunity since I didn’t think the odds were high that we would surf a 23 foot boat.

There were fewer people than last time. I think one of them other than Mike we had met before. Tyson had also dragged a co-worker along. The put in spot is in a completely protected bay, so we couldn’t tell how the waves were going to be until we got out a bit. The first spot, which we had also skipped last time, was somewhat tame and had lots of rocks. We then tried the northern beach which was where we ended up last time. That had plenty of fine waves, so we stayed there a while. And finally we tried the southern beach which had more powerful but slightly more erratic waves.

Well, we found out we could surf the Bullitt. There are still plenty of coordination issues to work out for optimal performance. But we spent pretty much the whole evening surfing in, turning the boat around, punching back out, and turning the boat around again to catch the next wave.

The boat is long enough that surfing is a little interesting. When we caught a good wave, the nose tends to dive, which means that I get water running against me and spray well over my head. When we get pushed sideways, the boat is long enough that Tyson can be bracing against the wave, but I’m far enough out that I can’t do anything. Punching back out is kind of interesting too. Either I got a full body slam from the wave as we went through or I got a roller coaster ride over the top of the wave as I rode up into the air.

And, to answer the question we had set out with, yes we definitely can handle waves in the boat. We only got rolled over once (which was many fewer times than everyone else out there) and we easily rolled back upright.

All in all, a great evening with plenty of shrieking on my part. Photos will be posted once we get home or tomorrow or something.