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June 13, 2009
Emilie Phillips

So, apparently by going climbing, I missed out on a bunch of eventfulness.

Around 7:30AM as Tyson was packing up for kayaking, he heard an airplane crash. Most of the neighborhood came running. Tyson got there first since our apartment is at the end of the runway where people would crash. The pilot was ok. From the sounds of it, though, insurance will probably total the airplane. Basically he was going too fast and ran off the end of the runway up the hill and into a couple trees. After the fact analysis sounds like it was just pilot error. By the time I got home, everything had been cleaned up and packed away into a hangar.

Then, when Tyson was driving to paddling, his new gps quit and so he had to go find store with a map because I had the car with all the maps.

Tyson went out paddling with this new group of people between Plum Island and Crane Beach in MA. It looks like a lovely day from his pictures. They mostly had fun surfing in one spot. But then one guy decided to wander off towards land for a rest by himself. He ended up getting lost on the way back to the put in. By the time the rest of them got back to the put in, he was well overdue. So they called the coast guard to rescue him since they didn’t know what had happened. The “trip report” written in total cliff hanger order can be found here. (I say trip report in quotes because the beginning of the thread is people still trying to figure out if the guy got rescued successfully or not.)


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