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Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Kayak upgrade time?

July 24, 2009
Emilie Phillips

I’ve been driving myself to work the past couple days since Tyson had his knee surgery, so I haven’t had time to post.

Wednesday evening the irregular bridge group I play with got together again. I’d been busy with training for the kayak race, and the alternate fourth is still busy training for a national horse riding competition. So there hadn’t been much bridge lately. I need to bother actually memorizing more conventions so I don’t keep having to ask why someone’s bid means.

Then yesterday Tyson had his knee surgery. He managed to get another friend to take him to the hospital, so I actually got a full day of work in. So far he seems to be recovering fine. The only issue so far is that in his spare time he’s been almost starting a flame war on the local kayaking forum…

Speaking of kayaking, I think I’ve pretty well decided I want to upgrade my solo boat. What I have right now is sort of at the low end of sea kayaks, though not a recreational boat. But compared to some of the boats we’ve rented, it feels rather lame. (i.e. I can’t paddle it very fast, or turn it very easily, or …) There are a couple issues with buying a new boat. There’s the new house. That’s both money we actually need, and the fact that without the new house+garage, there is nowhere to put another kayak. The second issue is that I don’t really know what I want for a kayak. I’ve paddled my lower-end sea kayak, and I’ve paddled racing boats. I’ve never tried a Greenland style kayak, a British style kayak, a surfing kayak, or even a higher end north-west style kayak which is I think what mine is supposed to be.