A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac


July 20, 2009
Emilie Phillips

Sunday we flew my parents back to North Adams, MA. They shouldered their packs and headed back to the AT. Then Tyson and I flew home and cleaned house. A bunch of it was leftovers from the Blackburn, but a lot was just accumulated cruft. And we didn’t even make that big of a dent.

Tyson got the photos for the Blackburn posted: album, map view. The photos are all geotaged based on where we were, so some of the ones my parents took from shore aren’t accurate.

Results are posted. We came in 156th overall out of 216 boats that started. (boat 172) Mom and Dad met one of the high performance kayak guys who had to bail because he hit a rock and put a hole in his surf ski.

I forgot to mention a few things about the end of the race in my last post. After crossing the finish line, we were both hot enough to attempt a roll. We failed the first try, but made the second. When we then tried to get out of the boat, we were both tired enough that it was hard. Mom and Dad didn’t make it from their previous photo spot to see us finish.

There was food and beverages. I failed to get the contact info for one of the other tandem boats who seemed like people we would want to paddle with again. They came in last, but had enough energy to go for a tour before coming back to the party.

The awards ceremony was kind of disorganised. They managed to give out about half the awards before having to break to fix up the other classes results since they had people mixed up. Apparently the ceremony started early, so the dorry guys were still busy partying somewhere else. When they got back, there was this amusing scene with them confronting the guy giving out the awards. They were all big burly men (no one else dared paddle a dorry 20 miles) and he was a small wirey guy (who admittedly came in second in one of the rowing classes). His conclusion was «I’ll do whatever the dorry rowers want.» Then there was one guy in front of me who passed out. He got shuffled into some shade where he seemed to do better.

Sunday my body was doing much better than I expected. I was a little tight. But fairly full of energy and ready to go paddle again. The worst of it was the sunburn. Today I noticed that I have a swollen elbow which I probably missed under the sunburn.